Sorry guys that I haven’t posted anything for a long time, I was doing my GCSE and I was and still am busy with something called NCS!

NCS is a programme in the U.K for teens 15 to 17 to experience and build new skills, also find ways to help the community. The programme takes 4 weeks to complete. I just finished the second week and have the next two weeks to raise money for charity.

The charity my group will be raising money for is ‘when you wish upon a star’. This charity’s main purpose is to make a sick child’s biggest wish come true and my group would like to help make that happen, everyone deserves a bit of happiness, right?

So if you would like to donate or read more information about them, click on this link:

Anyway, week 1 was quite hard for me as I found it hard to socialise for some reason. Cat found it harder than me, so we were mostly together in week 1. However, Plum was a socialising queen. She somehow had a connection to everyone in our group and even she didn’t know about it. While we just arrived to Isle of Wright, I fell flat to the ground because my bag was so heavy.

Week 2 was better as we were at a university campus. So the food and the accommodations were much better. I think I bonded better with my team in week 2, as I talked a lot more with them i think. Though they were annoying for shipping me with a team member. However, they were great fun to be around and even Cat made a few new friends.

Week 3 is something I am excited about as we’ll be preparing to raise money for charity. I’ll try to keep you guys updated about it.

Again sorry that I haven’t been active!




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