Sorry guys that I haven’t posted anything for a long time, I was doing my GCSE and I was and still am busy with something called NCS!

NCS is a programme in the U.K for teens 15 to 17 to experience and build new skills, also find ways to help the community. The programme takes 4 weeks to complete. I just finished the second week and have the next two weeks to raise money for charity.

The charity my group will be raising money for is ‘when you wish upon a star’. This charity’s main purpose is to make a sick child’s biggest wish come true and my group would like to help make that happen, everyone deserves a bit of happiness, right?

So if you would like to donate or read more information about them, click on this link:

Anyway, week 1 was quite hard for me as I found it hard to socialise for some reason. Cat found it harder than me, so we were mostly together in week 1. However, Plum was a socialising queen. She somehow had a connection to everyone in our group and even she didn’t know about it. While we just arrived to Isle of Wright, I fell flat to the ground because my bag was so heavy.

Week 2 was better as we were at a university campus. So the food and the accommodations were much better. I think I bonded better with my team in week 2, as I talked a lot more with them i think. Though they were annoying for shipping me with a team member. However, they were great fun to be around and even Cat made a few new friends.

Week 3 is something I am excited about as we’ll be preparing to raise money for charity. I’ll try to keep you guys updated about it.

Again sorry that I haven’t been active!




I’m scared of many things and sometimes it can get to me. In school, I’m the loud introvert if that makes any sense. This just means there may be few details that are hidden. To be honest, I actually don’t care if people know my fears or not, as long as they don’t use it against me.

Fearing something can be quite strong as it can lead to certain phobias. And phobias are hard to overcome, however, over time it can gradually fade.

The point is that fears shouldn’t be used as a weapon, otherwise it can lead people to fall. Since I trust you guys so much I’ll tell you my ‘dislikes’:

  • Lightning/thunder
  • Insects
  • Being Alone
  • Showering at night
  • Marriage/Love
  • Clowns
  • Being touched

Please comment you fears if you want.

-Oreo (Sorry that I haven’t been active, I’m near the end of My GCSE’S (exams))

The Assassin’s Heart

You cannot run,

You cannot hide

I will find you,

Dead or alive

This is my occupation,

I feel obliged

You’re are my next target,

Consider it done


Your blood in my hands,

It is my pleasure

You are my entertainment,

You are my fun

Though once it is all over,

I will move on

On to the next one,

The one you are not


The way that I feel,

Consumes me whole

I then heal,

and created a hole

‘What is inside of me?’

I do not reveal,

But when we are alone,

Then you will know


You will know the emptiness

A human without a soul

Cannot feel guilty

Cannot feel remorse,

And that is the Assassin’s heart,

Or that is what they say

Dissing BTS

Stop reading if you don’t get a joke and are super defensive of BTS. So Plum and I got bored and decided to make fun of BTS pics on Instagram.  Some of these comments Plum and I feel bad about but it was still funny, and we are sincerely sorry for these comments and we did not mean them (of course the band won’t read them). Plum doesn’t listen to K-pop so she doesn’t know who BTS are, to her they are no one special.

I don’t know why Plum thinks legs looks like tree trunks, let’s just say she has a big imagination.

lady bug

When Plum said her brother found a Lady bug in his pocket, she wasn’t joking!


Plum has a thing with drugs when commenting on selfies.

I’d be worried if Plum’s grandma has leather curtains.

We know they are wearing it because of air pollution or something like that but in England, when some people see someone covering half of they face in the streets, they think of them like they’re delinquents. So we’re sorry if anyone got offended by this.

Guys, this one made me cringe so much; when I said that, I meant that it looked wrong and that he was doing what some men may do alone in their bedroom. I would’ve said it but young children may have read it so I had to keep it PG. The owner of the account thought I meant that he was so hot or something like that. The owner may have thought Plum was saying calm down to me but she actually meant to V. Just making it clear, it’s a diss that went wrong.



Guys obviously V doesn’t look creepy, well maybe in the sweat blood and tears vid.


That wasn’t really a diss, more like Plum giving me a hint that she wants money.


Plum felt really bad for this one, she was in a really bad mood when she commented on this. Although it was a good comeback, it was really savage.


Vinegar is someone Plum and I don’t like but follows us around and act like we’re really good friends, even though I’m straight forward with her. We call her Vinegar as she threw vinegar at Cat.



Well, that’s all for now and if you didn’t find it amusing, then I don’t know. Again I apologise, so please don’t make a big deal out of t. It’s only for humour.

(Present era- we did this when I wasn’t a fan, I like their music now. It’s just my sister plays their music 24/7 and we share a room -_-)




Throughout my whole life, I wanted to be so many things. I wanted to be so many things. I wanted to be a veterinarian, a social worker, a lawyer and a musician. However, there was and still that one thing I’m always lacking and that my friend is passion.
I’ve never had any passion and I sometimes wonder what it’s like having a clear path ahead. My mother has a passion for art, whilst my step dad has a passion for music. When I watch them enjoying what they’re doing, I can’t help but envy them.
When I’m in school I wonder what I’m working towards, what is my goal in life. In the end, I can’t think of anything and this always gets me scared.
Scared of growing up because I’m scared of what’s to come.
How do we humans move on without any passion? Watching everyone that is always step ahead makes me feel lost like time is moving without me. I guess I’m going to have to wait for the future to pass me by and find out who I am!

The Gate

I had taken a walk into the woods by my house. You see my parents were making too much noise by arguing. It was undoubtedly irritating, though I guess that is how people around me are; irritating. The woods were big and by big, I mean huge that I had eventually gotten myself lost. I know pathetic, but I didn’t know anywhere else where I could find some peace of mind.

As I strolled through the tower like trees; I had suddenly heard an unknown voice. It was faint but loud enough that I could tell it was humane. I wanted to ignore it, just in case, it was someone deceptive. Unfortunately, that particular voice was a magnet to me; making me subconsciously follow it.

As I walked, gravel upon gravel, I had found a pathway that I thought may lead me to an exit out of these smirking trees that baffled me with every gravel I walked upon on. Being the inquisitive person I am, I decided to keep following, hoping that it may lead me out of these sinister woods. As I placed my foot on the pathway, the clouds had gradually turned grey. As I took another step, it suddenly rained. Every step I took the atmosphere became more and more distressing. That was until I reached the gate; the gate which leads to an unknown world. A world that is different to ours. As I walked through the large brick walls, the lights of the lamppost upon began to flicker; the rain stopped and became a gust of wind.

And I became a prisoner.

Things I do when I’m bored in school

  1. Harass my friends on social media
  2. Check my Instagram feed
  3. Shout out random shit
  4. Eat food
  5. Listen to music
  6. Sing very loudly
  7. Dance randomly
  8. Try to annoy my friends to get a reaction
  9. day dream
  10. Poke people
  11. Insult anyone who crosses my path
  12. Eat again
  13. Ask a lot of random questions
  14. Do a lot of stupid things
  15. Tell everyone ‘I’M BORED’
  16. Then shout to the school ‘I’M BORED’
  17. The cycle repeats